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These have all been taken at various CPM events. I currently have purchasing disabled, but if you're a CPM mommy, and would like a photo of your little one, please feel free to e-mail me.

As I have done these events at no cost to CPM, I would in turn appreciate the free advertising by having you share them with their copyright attached.

Thank you for understanding,

- Ian J. Kuhn

CPM Village Park Walk

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Created 31-Mar-14
Modified 31-Mar-14

CPM Easter Egg Hunt 2014

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Created 5-Apr-14
Modified 5-Apr-14

CPM Picnic

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Created 22-Jun-14
Modified 22-Jun-14
CPM Picnic

CPM Ice Cream Social 2014

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Created 11-Aug-14
Modified 11-Aug-14
CPM Ice Cream Social 2014